Retaining Walls

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Rock Walls

Geogrid Walls

Concrete Walls

Wood Walls

Green Walls

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Retaining walls should not be taken lightly; the security of your property and that of your neighbours is at stake when you install a land retention solution. There are many items to consider when installing a retaining wall, the most important being drainage. Hydrostatic pressure accumulating behind your wall is a major cause of wall failure.  

A retaining wall is required to elevate and plateau your property, while giving it shape and creating more usable space. Currently, Modern Edge has been replacing a lot of rotten or degrading walls. Updating your old walls with new technology and good drainage will greatly extend stability and add value to your property.


Rock retaining walls

Blasted rock retaining walls are the most natural land retention solution that we offer. Blasted rock differs from boulder retaining walls in that the rock is quarried, giving it pronounced edges that lend stability and safety. Keep in mind that in some parts of Vancouver and the Lower Mainland, blasted rock is the only legal natural rock solution permitted as district engineers have concluded that the rock is less likely to roll down into neighbouring properties.

On top of these great features, dry stacked rock retaining walls inhibit passive drainage through the cracks of the wall rock, which alleviates pressure from behind the retaining wall. Last but not least, natural stone and its installation method often leads to a very competitive price point.


Large concrete block walls

These concrete wall blocks are excellent for large scale retaining wall installations. We prefer using them because they are stable, bullet proof products, manufactured locally. The blocks are made with up to 84% recycled materials and come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and textures that help to create a unique, visually appealing installation.

Small Concrete Blocks

Although small modular blocks come in a wide variety of block shapes and textures, the most common varieties that you will see are the “Juniors” and “Jumbos”. Make no mistake that these highly engineered blocks are capable of serious retention when they are augmented with geogrid stabilizers.

Another huge bonus to modular block products is their ability to create compact curves for a more organic shaped landscape.


Poured reinforced concrete walls

Poured and reinforced concrete covers a wide variety of applications from a simple street curb to a hydro-electric dam. It’s a perfect long lasting engineered structure for land retention and so is often used as a foundation for residential homes.

This is a premium product for retaining walls when one considers the options, primarily for the experienced labour, and specialized tools that are required to build, transport and finish this product correctly.

It is the strongest retaining wall option available.

Rockscape retaining walls

A rockscape retaining wall is a version of a reinforced concrete wall, but hand carved to look like natural stone. Concrete is shot onto the wall surface and is reinforced with steel.

Cost wise, this solution is at the high end of retaining wall options, but it really looks amazing and much more unique than a plain concrete wall.


Timber retaining walls

Timber has and always will be a viable product for land retention. Our timber walls are always constructed with appropriate horizontal supports (aka “dead men”), double dip galvanized spiral spikes and perimeter drainage, making them worry free and long lasting. The proper installation of a pressure treated timber wall should offer up to a 30 year lifespan.


Green retaining walls

Green walls are a popular new retaining wall product that uses passive synthetic bags to hold sand and soil mixtures. Once the wall is installed, water gently seeps through the bag and permits growth, rooting, and great drainage.

Green walls are a suitable product for that earthy, natural look. It is usually used in conjunction with MSE/geogrid.


Geogrid Retaining Walls

Geogrid is a widely used product in slope stability, land retention and soil erosion. It is the major component of an MSE application.

Most geogrids are virgin synthetic woven mats that are built into the bank of a sloped surface. The idea here is to stabilize the earth far beyond the capabilities of a gravity wall alone. This concept is suitable for very large vertical retaining walls, applications where excess weight will be applied on top of walls, or when increased stability is desired.

Something to consider when using MSE is that it will require more excavation and labour due to its construction process.


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