Mold Inspection and Testing

Do you smell mold in your home? Did you recently have your home remediated for mold and or water damage? 

The main goal of the inspection is to figure out where the source of the mold or moisture is coming from, so we can ensure it doesn’t come back. Throughout the inspection, we will be using various tools to assist us with the inspection.

A moisture meter is used to determine moisture levels on walls, floors, ceilings and visible structural members. We also use the infrared camera to detect clues relating moisture within walls, floors and ceilings. This technology is very sensitive to heat signatures on different surfaces. It shows us what cannot be seen with the naked eye.

You may notice something in your home that “appears” to be mold, but without testing, there is no way to be 100% certain. 

Mold investigators need to take it up a notch by testing the air or physical areas of the home for mold.


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