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Lawn Installation

Lawn Aeration

Moss Control

Lawn Repair

Lawn Liming

Power Raking

Lawn Cutting

Lawn Fertilization

Sod Installation

Lawn Edging

Weed Control

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Modern Edge has been providing residential, commercial, strata and municipal lawn care and gardening services for over 20 years to clients across the Greater Vancouver Area. We know that even healthy green lawns in Vancouver’s wet climate require an experienced team of landscapers that know how to care for your lawn and garden, no matter the season.

Lawn Cutting & Edging

We began cutting lawns in Vancouver 25 years ago and we continue to provide excellent lawn care service to our customers throughout the Lower Mainland.

Weekly Service

When and how lawn cutting is done is very important in the development of healthy turf. Another important factor is consistency. In order to maintain the health of your lawn, the Modern Edge landscaping team visits your property on the same day each week. The lawn will be cut at a height of 2.5 to 3 inches to help develop the plant’s root system and produce a thicker turf.

Grass Recycling

We take part in and support the use of the recycling of the grass removed from your turf and will place the waste in the receptacle provided by your municipality. Every time that we come to cut your lawn we will also edge the lawn and blow clean any grass that may have sprayed onto walkways to keep your lawn and garden neat and tidy. At Modern Edge Garden and lawn care services, we take pride in ensuring we leave the property cleaner than when we found it. We would gladly take out all the grass clippings away as part of our lawn edging and lawn mowing service.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn Aeration is the process of taking the aerator and running it over the lawn to remove thousands of tiny dirt plugs, and leaving them on the grass to provide a natural top-dressing. Most lawns suffer from Compatiction (from traffic, snow, rain), Thatch (a build-up of un-decomposed grass clippings and debris) and Lack of micro-organism activity within the soil.All of these contribute to poor lawn appearance.

Lawn aeration takes some effort but within 3 weeks your lawn will be healthier, stronger and better looking.

Organic Lawn Weed Control

Our lawn care experts can ensure that your lawn stays healthy and vibrant, preventing weeds from taking hold in a green way through organic weed sprays.

Moss Control

Once the moss control has been applied to your lawn – the areas of moss will turn brown or black and will slowly decompose back into the lawn over a period of weeks. There is no need of raking anything away.

Moss control application is completely safe for kids and pets. However, we do still recommend staying off the lawn for a 24 hour period after moss control application to avoid staining

Power Raking

Power Raking is one of the best ways to spruce up your lawn during the spring season. If you have already raked your lawn in the fall to clean up leaves and debris, you may wonder if it’s overkill to rake again in the spring with a power rake. During the winter months, grass blades that die off can become thatch, so the fall workup won’t always prevent your grass from building up grass stems, roots and clippings that prevent water from penetrating to the roots. Although some people prefer to use leaf blowers to remove debris, leaves and dead grass, blowing doesn’t scratch the grass surface the same way that raking does. This is why power raking in the spring can help keep your lawn healthy.

Lawn Liming

The point of limiming is to add calcium and other elements (dolomitic lime, for instance, also adds magnesium) to a lawn’s soil. Lime typically comes in two different consistencies: pulverized and pellet. Pulverized is the most common; it’s powdery and a little harder to manage. Pellet lime is more expensive, but it’s easier to lay down and overall less messy.

Top Dressing with Soil

Top dressing is the process of adding a thin layer of material over the lawn. Typically 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch of compost or other soil amendment is spread across the lawn with shovels, in a throwing action. The material can be worked into the thatch area by raking, washed in with rain or sprinklers, or allowed to settle on its own.

Over Seeding

We recommend overseeding a lawn once a year in the spring. Although this can also be done in the fall, the spring season is the best time as it allows for deeper root development. We recommend the use of a premium seed, as cheaper varieties will have a higher percentage of weed content.

Lawn Installation

Vancouver is the perfect place for a new grass or sod installation. The best and easiest time to install a sod lawn is in the spring and the fall.


We strongly encourage you to contact us to get a better idea of what we can do for you. We work closely with our clients from start to finish because we understand that open communication is important. Take the first step in completing your demolition needs and give us a call. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

We keep our process as simple as possible. After your consultation, Modern Edge’s demolition team will analyze the requirements and provide you with the next steps and a precise quote without any hidden costs. Prices are carefully calculated according to the project specifications you provide. Moreover, you will find our rates quite competitive as compared to the quality of our superior service & customer care. For us each project is unique and we listen to your specific requirements and lay out a perfect plan of action.