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Home Maintenance

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Home installation

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Home Renovation

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Tight construction schedules? Wet basement? Backed-up drains? Modern Edge provides expert excavation to Lower Mainland builders, homeowners and property managers. We’re known for the wide scope of our projects, our attention to safety and best practices on the job site, and our focus on customer satisfaction. Call us for cost-effective solutions to problems ranging from site clearing to broken sewer pipes to cracked foundations.


Are you having problems with the water line for your residential or commercial property and do you need a reliable local company to help and assist you?

These are the water line repair and replacement services we offer in Vancouver and all the Lower Mainland:

Water Line Assessments

Water Line Relocating

Water Line Upgrade & Replacement

Water Line Connection Services

Water Line Repair

Water Line Leak Detection

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Over time, various pressure changes or ground conditions can wear on the integrity of the water line. Water lines can have a varied life span, at which point leaks are likely to develop and will often lead to larger problems. Ensuring that your water line is maintained and repaired whenever there is even a minor problem noticed, is a smart way to lengthen and maximize its life span, while also preventing major damage from occurring.


  • Low Water Pressure
  • Higher Water Utility Bills
  • Wet Lawn or Gardens
  • Constantly hearing water flowing

Ensuring that your drainage system is working to its optimum level is an area that homeowners and commercial property owners should give attention to, as any breakages, blockages, or failures that happen can cause large scale disruption and damage. Keeping your drains well maintained is one of the most useful pieces of advice that Modern Edge company in the Lower Mainland will tell you.

Residential and Commercial Drainage Services Vancouver

Wet spots in your landscaping, strong odours and slow running drains all point to problems with your drain pipes. Don’t wait for your drains to back up and cause serious – and expensive – damage. We can locate, repair and replace broken pipes and sewers, culverts, and catch basins. Modern Edge is equipped for both trenching and trenchless repairs. If you need repairs or upgrades to your drain pipes, contact Modern Edge for estimates and timely service.


There are many possible causes of drainage problems and hundreds of feet of piping in and around every home and commercial property. Assessing the cause and the location of a Drainage Clog or Drainage Blockage in Vancouver and in the Lower Mainland is the first step to resolving it. Video drainage inspection allows our experts to pinpoint the location, as well as the nature of the problem, quickly and without large scale excavation, or other disruption of the property or structure.

Complete with all of the latest drainage cleaning and maintenance tools and equipment, the team is able to assist with the following drainage services, among many others:

Video Camera Inspection

Lawn Drains

Drainage Repair

Sump Systems & Catch Basins

Perimeter Drainage Repair & Replacement

Drainage Replacement

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As with any system, over time it becomes less effective and begins to fail. If your home is more than 25 years old, you may begin to encounter Perimeter Drainage problems. The likely causes may be root infiltration caused by large trees or shrubs planted close by, deteriorating outdated materials such as clay pipe or big-o pipe, changing ground conditions or lack of periodic maintenance.


  • Wet Basement or Lawn
  • Clogged Rain Leaders (Entries from gutters to drainage system)
  • Root Infiltration (From trees and shrubs close to foundation)
  • Collapsed Tile or Big-O Pipe


Clay Drainage

 The use of these systems date back to before the 1980’s. While dependable and reliable, over time the system becomes brittle and cracks. It is susceptible to root infiltration within its joints and slight movements from settlement can cause issues. Due to their age and brittleness, they can be difficult to clean out or flush without replacing.

Big-O Drainage

Most drainage problems we encounter involve this type of system. A popular drainage system in the 1980’s-90’s, it was flexible and easy to lay. However, because of the lack of thickness and the weakness of the system, it makes it very susceptible to root infiltration and collapse from ground conditions. This system is sometimes nearly impossible to clean or flush without total replacement.

PVC Drainage

Today, drainage repair and replacement is done with PVC pipe, either solid or perforated. It is durable, easy to connect and is durable. It allows for easy maintenance including replacing sections or flushing because of its straightforward design.


Are you looking for sewer services in the Lower Mainland? Is your sewer blocked or backing up? Then if so, you should get in contact with the team at Modern Edge today. While you may think that any problems with your sewer lines are outside of your control, all of the drains that lead from your home to the city or municipal sanitary sewer system are deemed part of your drainage system and therefore are your responsibility.

Modern Edge is able to provide an honest and expert opinion on any problem that you may have and can help with any of the following services:

Sewer Blockages

Fixing Misalignment

Sewer Pipe Replacement & Repair


Video Inspections & Diagnosis

Root Infiltration Treatment

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Sewer Lines are susceptible to failure over time for many reasons. Among them are outdated materials such as clay pipes. Over time, the pipe has weakened and cracked in certain spots. Another reason for Sewer Line failure is obstructions from items flowing through the system that shouldn’t be including excessive grease, excessive food and other items. Trees also pose a risk to Sewer Lines. If you have a large tree on your property that is within close proximity to the Sewer Line, tree roots can travel several feet and into the Sewer Line.


  • Multiple Toilets and Drains Clogged
  • Consistent Back-Ups
  • Sewer Gas Odour
  • Slow Running Drains


If there are any problems with your sewer, or drainage system then you can make use of the high-pressure water jet services that Modern Edge provides. Offering a quick and simple way of removing many blockages, high-pressure washing provides an efficient way to clean sewer and drain line blockages.


Video technology is also on hand to help diagnose the problem without having to excavate a large area, which is perfect for anyone in the Lower Mainland having problems with their sewers or drains, who is unsure of the source and concerned about property damage.


If you are noticing a blockage, or slowing of your drains, even if it is relatively small, then you should contact a specialist team as soon as possible. Attempting to remove the blockage yourself can end up making the situation worse, and may cause further damage to your sewer pipes and water lines.


Regular maintenance saves you money – avoid flooding!

Are you looking to cut down on the amount of drainage, water line and sewer problems that keep surfacing at your residential or commercial property in Burnaby, Richmond, Vancouver or another area of the Lower Mainland? Safeguard against any future FLOODING and PROBLEMS in an area that historically receives a large amount of rainfall. Regular maintenance of your drainage systems, including Perimeter Drainage and Sewer Line is one of the best preventative measures you can take to ensure that your entire drainage system is kept running as smoothly as possible.

If you can’t remember or don’t know the last time you had your drainage system maintained, then it has likely already been too long. Don’t wait until it is too late and your home FLOODS. Have your Perimeter Drainage and Sewage system in the Lower Mainland checked today.

Flushing & Auguring- Drainage Clog Removal

Drainage blockage removal in Vancouver is done with a sophisticated RIDGID camera which is inserted into the system through an access point, such as a drain or an open pipe. The camera can fit into pipes as small as 2” in diameter, or as large as 12”. As the camera is pushed into the pipe, it not only provides a visual of the inside of the pipe, it can also transmit a signal, which is picked up by an above ground receiver, to precisely pinpoint the location of the blockage or leak.

Modern Edge has many years of experience providing video drain inspections in Vancouver and across the Lower Mainland, and our expert technicians can quickly diagnose and repair your hidden drainage or sewer problems, with minimal disruption.

Modern Edge uses state of the art and modern RIDGID SeeSnake Cameras, Auger and Hydroflush equipment to remove Drainage Blockages, Drainage Clogs or Drainage issues in North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, New Westminster and the Fraser Valley.


We strongly encourage you to contact us to get a better idea of what we can do for you. We work closely with our clients from start to finish because we understand that open communication is important. Take the first step in completing your demolition needs and give us a call. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

We keep our process as simple as possible. After your consultation, Modern Edge’s demolition team will analyze the requirements and provide you with the next steps and a precise quote without any hidden costs. Prices are carefully calculated according to the project specifications you provide. Moreover, you will find our rates quite competitive as compared to the quality of our superior service & customer care. For us each project is unique and we listen to your specific requirements and lay out a perfect plan of action.